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Superior & Unique Slat Design.

Mesh wire grid platform beds can damage mattresses and bedding. The SleepNest Platform bed uses solid, rectangular steel slats provide superior and durable support – increasing both the life of your mattress and guest comfort.

Fully Enclosed Side Panels.

Complete closure with 4 optional side panels helps prevent bed bugs and unwanted access under the mattress. Panels are heavy duty steel and designed to provide many years of service. Say goodbye to guests leaving debris under the bed!

A Beautiful, Modern Design

We designed every aspect of the SleepNest Platform Bed with aesthetics and style in mind. This beautifully designed platform bed matches any guestroom décor and complements any decorative bedding. This modern platform bed requires no box spring or foundation – while offering superior support. Watch your platform bed quickly become the centerpiece of your guestroom.

No Box Spring or Foundation Needed

Say goodbye to bed bugs, noisy foundations, inferior mattress support, and poor ventilation.

Noise Free Construction

Nothing annoys guests more than sleeping on a creaking, squeaking bed. The intelligent, noise-free design of the SleepNest Platform Bed will keep your guests better rested.

Stylish & Intelligent Design

A clean, modern platform bed designed for style and function. No foundation, box spring, or even a bed skirt needed. Make the SleepNest platform bed the centerpiece of your guestroom.

Supports up to 3,000 lbs

Designed to withstand heavy abuse from guests and continue to perform. Weight is verified by a third party, certified laboratory using an ultimate load test.

100% Steel Construction

Constructed with heavy-gauge structural steel slats, durable welded frame, and tubular legs to provide many years of service. Plus our 1in retainer lip keeps your mattress secure and avoids moving.

9 Evenly Spaced Legs

Engineered with 9 incredibly strong steel legs to ensure sturdiness and stability throughout the bed. Plus, the legs are rubber tipped to prevent slipping, skidding, and damage to your floor.

with any mattress

Keep your

You can use your existing mattress with this platform bed – regardless of the mattress size, height, weight, or brand.

Need a custom height for your platform bed?

No problem! We can manufacture this platform bed in any height. Contact us for a quote.

Ordering Guide

16in Height Platform Bed + Side Panels

Part # Size
7100215 Twin XL 39×80
7100218 Full 54×75
7100220 Full XL 54×80
7100230 Queen 60×80
7100240 King 76×80
7100242 Cal King 72×84
7100244 Hotel King 72×80

10in Height Platform Bed + Side Panels

Part # Size
7100415 Twin XL 39×80
7100418 Full 54×75
7100420 Full XL 54×80
7100430 Queen 60×80
7100440 King 76×80
7100442 Cal King 72×84
7100444 Hotel King 72×80

Frequently asked questions

Nope! The SleepNest Platform Bed is designed to support your mattress without a foundation or box spring. The slatted, rail design provides a durable, flat, and uniform surface for your mattress.Traditionally, hotels would use a foundation/box spring and a bed base/frame to support a mattress. A platform bed combines the two units into one stylish and clean design. This new unit must be able to withstand constant use and provide reliable support otherwise the guest sleep experience will suffer. The SleepNest Platform Bed has been tested to support up to 3,000lbs and passed mattress support requirements.

The SleepNest Platform Bed avoids damaging bedding and mattress fabric with its clean and smooth rail design. The Vertex Platform Bed Base has intelligently placed and sized slats which increases mattress support coverage and weight distribution. Additionally, the SleepNest Platform Bed slats are built as single piece, flat steel – as opposed to wire mesh grids which have many welded joints which can fail over time. Wire mesh can be difficult to tuck in bed sheets or coverlets – the SleepNest Platform Bed uses slats which make tucking in bedding much easier and safer.

The SleepNest Platform Bed is designed for commercial use. It is constructed 100% of heavy-duty steel with incredibly high tensile and yield strength. This bed is a tank – it’s virtually indestructible and is built to withstand heavy abuse from guests. The base is designed with in solid slats instead of many welds to lessen possible breaking points – furthering the lifespan and safety of this base.

Most platform beds on the market today only have 3 side panels – we enclosed the entire platform bed with 4 side panels. This ensures that guests cannot easily get under the mattress. Additionally it reduces bed bugs and unwanted access. However, the side panels are not required – they can be removed for properties who wish to allow guests to store luggage and products under the bed.

We designed the SleepNest platform bed for quick and intuitive assembly. We include assembly tools and easy step-by-step instructions in each box.

Nope! Nothing frustrates a guest more than sleeping on creaking, squeaking bed frames. The SleepNest Platform Bed is designed intelligently to be noise-free. We use solid slats instead of welded wire mesh which can bend and cause noise over time.

The SleepNest Platform Bed has a 1 inch retainer lip which keeps the mattress secure and avoids unwanted sliding. Properties may use any type of mattress protector, bed sheets, or decorative bed options.

Yes! We can customize the height and dimensions of the SleepNest Platform Bed for any requirement. We can also offer the frame in custom colors. Please contact us for details.

We’ve designed the SleepNest Platform Bed to complement any guestroom scheme. Our minimalistic, clean style matches any guestroom décor. We can also customize color options for properties with specific design requirements.

Yes! The SleepNest Platform Bed does not require new mattresses. Our platform bed is designed to support any mattress design, brand, or quality.

We recommend cleaning the SleepNest Platform Bed with a dry or damp soft cloth. You may use water or a mild detergent.

You cannot attach a headboard or footboard to the SleepNest Platform Bed. A footboard is not applicable to this platform bed. You may attach a headboard directly to the wall and use the SleepNest platform bed separately in-front.

No! The side panels are completely optional. Some properties may choose to offer under-the-bed storage. The side panels do not structurally support the the bed and there is no issue if a property does not use them.


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